Are We A Match?

I think its VERY important to feel like you are well matched with your physician so that you can build the relationship you need to feel well supported.  So ultimately YOU should be the judge if you are well matched to your doctor!

Let me help by telling you a bit about what I do well! I work with patients ranging from 2 years old to 92 years young!

Fatigue | Thyroid

Just because you're tired doesn't mean its your thyroid but it also doesn't rule it out! Let me help you figure out the culprit.

Digestive Disorders

Specialty testing available to help navigate your concerns & find the answers you deserve!

Pain Management

No one should live in pain.  Let's discuss what I can offer you! I can also help direct you to an expert if you need specialized joint injections!

Women's Medicine

Puberty, cycling, peri-menopause & menopausal.

Wellness Visits

Optimizing your health, preventing family trends from repeating, just establishing care in case you need something down the road- lets do it!

Mood Disorders

We should chat about how you're feeling because the mental & physical are linked!

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