• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

3) What's Your Poo Telling You?

You can learn so much, so don't forget to look!

Color of your poo, that matters too!

Brown poopie is the best! There are a variety of browns that are all considered normal- considering it is also well formed and there aren't other additional things.

Pale poos- yep its weird when this happens but its certainly a thing! When we have pastel colored poo its time to look at the liver & gallbladder because perhaps our bile isn't helping! Time to talk to someone about your poo.

Yellow poos- back to the bile, time to seek someone to help you find the why!

Green poos- this can be due to your diet, or you may have diarrhea. When bile is released into the GI tract, if it doesn't have time to digest everything then you may end up with green poos.

Black poos- Are you taking iron pills or using petpo bismol? If not and you still have black poo, it's probably time to talk to someone. Black poo can be a sign of an upper GI bleed. Perhaps you have a stomach ulcer? The big thing here, don't ignore it!! Talk to someone for help.

Red poos- You may have hemorrhoids if you have blood streaks on the outside of the stool or when you wipe. If you have blood in the bowl, lots of blood or blood thats intertwined with the stool its time to reach out and find the why. Don't ignore this either! Seek help from a professional.

Bottom line (ha, get it!) is there is a lot your poo can tell you, so don't miss out on the good info! If you have more concerning poo colors, seek a medical professional. If you don't have someone, I would be happy to help!

Call me, (480) 722- 2811

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