• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Sugar: Myths and Facts

#Sugar can be a sticky subject (pun intended) and it gets a bad wrap! Let's debunk some myths!

All sugar is bad for you.

MYTH! Sugar or more specifically, glucose, is the main source of fuel for the vast majority of energy production within the body. And it is the preferred fuel source by the brain and muscles.

Artificial Sweeteners are better than sugar.


Nope, nope, lots of nope! #Artificialsweeteners are a large range of chemicals that are usually foreign to our body.

Sugar is highly addictive.


Sugar can be highly addictive due to what it does in our brains. It lights up our dopamine pathways which is our reward pathway and helps us feel good! So naturally, we want to feel even better so we eat more sugar to get that same rush! This may be some of the underlying cause for overeating and obesity.

Natural sweeteners do not impact your blood sugar.


Honey, agave, maple syrup, cane sugar, brown sugar and molasses all impact your blood sugar. The only exception to the rule is stevia.

Sugar is tricky and hard it can be hard to decipher fact and fiction in the world of sweets! If you are seeking more guidance, let's connect! You can book an appointment today!

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