• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Coronavirus: Do Your Part.

What can you do to help reduce risk of spreading the virus for the sake of you, your loved ones and those you have never met.

Choose good foods such as green leafy vegetables, brightly colored vegetables & fruits.

Stress management. Don't panic, that doesn't serve anyone, including you! Prolonged stress can increase cortisol demand and decrease your immune response.

Social distancing. Unless you need to be out & about, enjoy your home. Take the time to work on you, set goals and practice self-care. No need to feel lonely, catch up with friends on social media, FaceTime, Skype, or other virtual options.

Sleep. Prioritize your sleep and aim for about 8 hours per night. If you have a hard time attaining this, reach out and we can formulate a plan.

Drink plenty of water. Don't skimp and consider adding electrolytes into your water if you are drinking highly filtered water such as RO water.

Consider supplements & botanicals to boost your immune system. It's hard to navigate the vast sea of options available to you.

If you need help nailing down a protocol specific to you & boosting your immune system give us a call! I am offering 15- 30 minute phone consultations (just give us a call, 480 722- 2811) to help you navigate your choices.

Stay up to date but be careful what you read. This is a great article written recently, just click here!

You've got this!! Stay positive!

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