• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Hydration 101

What is there to know about hydration?

Well I am so glad you asked! There are a variety of factors that go into hydration status. The first and most obvious is water intake. Seems pretty straight forward right? Yes, but your water source is also important to consider! The second factor is water loss. This can be urination, sweating, breathing, diarrhea, or even just passive water loss due to water wicking from your skin if your environment is dry (like the desert).

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes is a term for any particle with a positive or negative charge that are dissolved in water. This includes: sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate & phosphate. Your body DEPENDS on electrolytes in your system for a huge variety of processes such as muscle function, heart function, hydration and nerve conduction.

What are the best drinks to choose?

Well there are great and no-so-great options out there so its important to consider your options! The big names you have all probably heard of are not the greatest. Why? Because they include food dyes which can pose health risks, they have lots of added sugar which the average person doesn't need and they skimp out on a full range of electrolytes.

Good options include:

Do foods play a role in my hydration?

ABSOLUTELY! Just like the beverages we choose to consume, the foods we choose to consume can also impact our hydration status. There are tons of great foods to add in to increase our hydration status! Great food options include watermelon, citrus fruits, cucumbers, peppers, celery, lettuce, etc. It is estimated that about 20% of our water intake comes from foods we eat.

Hope you enjoyed these #factnuggets!

Stay hydrated my friends!

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