• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Keeping Your Sanity in Quarantine.

Yes, yes, it's all fun & games until you hit day 3...

Just kidding! Quarantine is, of course, no joking matter. You're serving your community as a whole when you abide with the suggested quarantine policy during this time.

My first and perhaps biggest piece of advice... create and keep a To-do list! Or maybe just a schedule, either way- have some sort of structure to your day!

So while you're practicing #PhysicalDistancing I hope that you are also practicing #SocialConnection. Call a family member or friend, FaceTime a loved one, Skype an old coworker, get creative!

Get creative in the kitchen! Far too often, we fall into looking at cooking as "work" or a "chore" but what if we changed our thinking and reframed it to be a creative outlet! Sounds a lot more appealing right?

Perhaps this is the time to tackle that closet that is forever in the back of your mind... Maybe it's time to do some Spring cleaning and spruce up around the house!

Maybe you really want a garden? Well sister, design and plant a garden!

Do you have a list of books you've been meaning to read? Or maybe it's time for a new goal for the year- read 10 books (as an example).

The point is, your quarantine doesn't need to be a jail sentence! Capitalize on your time at home & check some things off your to-do list or just enjoy being home!

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