• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Melasma: Mask of Hormonal Changes

Melasma can be called the "Mask of Pregnancy" or "Mask of Menopause" what do these two things have in common?

Melasma is the discoloration of the skin, commonly the face. Areas of darkened skin (concentrations of melanin) can occur on the bridge of the nose, upper lip, cheeks, and forehead. It can also be found in other areas such as the forearms, neck and shoulders. It is not well understood WHY this occurs.

We have observed a higher incidence of melasma around hormonal changes such as after pregnancy, around menopause, with birth control pills, and hormonal therapies. So perhaps, we should be focusing on hormonal balance?

Melasma is VERY difficult to treat and there are not many standard treatments available. Typical treatment offered to patients with melasma include:

  • Hydroquinone cream

  • Topical corticosteroids

  • Topical tretinoin

  • Various combinations of the above listed ingredients...

  • Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion

  • Laser therapy

  • Chemical peels

As you can see by this list, there are a variety of options but all of them can be harsh on your skin and may not have great results.

Luckily, there are other options that are more natural and gentle.

The number one thing to do for the treatment of melasma is avoiding sun exposure- it will only worsen the problem. Other natural ideas include:

  • Topical B vitamins

  • Lightening products such as vitamin C

  • Topical Vitamin A

  • Balancing your hormones* may be KEY in managing your melasma

  • PRP facials which use your own blood products to improve your skin health

If you need some extra support and you are ready to try something different, book an appointment with me or if you want more information, call for a free 1 5 minute appointment!

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