• Madelein Shafferman, NMD

Power Pair: Your Thyroid & Adrenals

Is your thyroid medication just not cutting it?

The thyroid and the adrenals are connected through the HPA axis which is a signaling system in our body from our brain down to our organs. When the thyroid is under preforming it is important to assess adrenal function because providing thyroid hormones alone is not always the answer.

Fatigue is the most common symptom related to thyroid and adrenal health.

This study shows that adrenal insufficiency (under-preforming adrenal glands) can influence how the thyroid is functioning which on a lab, makes the thyroid look as if it is under preforming. Testing is a great way to assess your adrenals and your thyroid, while your blood work is often enough for thyroid assessment, often times blood work isn’t enough to fully assess adrenal function. We offer a comprehensive adrenal function test in our office.

Looking at the whole picture is important because you may be able to treat your adrenal glands and no longer need thyroid support, as seen in the linked study.

Find a doctor who treats the root cause and helps you feel better! If you think you may have more than just hypothyroidism and need support, contact Arizona Natural Medicine, I would love to work with you!

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