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Evaluating your products!

So how can you judge a product?

Brand matters. I am going to go ahead and throw a little shade here.... I typically will have you throw out anything you bought from Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens or Target (there are more of course). Why? Because often times, the brands stink. They do not conduct third party testing on their products. They often do not have the right TYPE of vitamins or minerals, they contain mystery plants and often they are just poor quality products.

THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE! Do not get me wrong! But typically, from my experience, I see a lot of junk come into my office in the hands of well-meaning patients from those stores. It makes me sad.

A bit more shade... I love Amazon just as much as the next person but not for your supplements... I’ve had patients buy supplements that arrived to them expired. I’ve had patients who know what the supplement looks like and open the SEALED BOTTLE to reveal something very different... scary!! Who knows what the heck that was! So knowing where to purchase your products is very important!

Another important piece; I love to save the dollars but sometimes cheaper is not better! The same can be said for the SUPER expensive products as well. This is where someone with the lay of the land will be very helpful! I like to find the happy medium and I am always happy to shop around and help you cut cost wherever we can!

Okay rant over 😅

Onto dosing and schedule of dosing. This is important to ensure you get the outcome you need! So this is another area where you need to know what you are working with. If the therapeutic dose requires 10 capsules, you can toss that bad boy, you can find better!

Okay so what about this schedule thing?

Certain types of medicine, such as herbal medicine, require more frequent dosing to allow the product to be at the right level in your system to produce an outcome. Taking an herbal product once a day, typically won't do the trick. I am usually dosing two to three times a day or more!

Product form!! If you are taking a fat-soluble vitamin, such as vitamin D for example, it should be in a fatty-base. Therefore it should be a gel-cap or liquid ideally (some exceptions here). This is a great place to safely use logic!

Your storage place can drastically change your product's viability. If you have a probiotic that needs to remain in the fridge but perhaps you didn't read that and you left it on the counter.... sorry friend it's dead now and won't do you much good.

Oils are typically best stored in the fridge, even gel-caps if you live in the desert like me.

Light can also damage certain products so be sure to read the label!

Find someone that will be honest with you when you bring in your supplements. Better yet; find someone who will HELP you find the right supplements for you in this season of your health!

More is yet to come, stay tuned friends 💕

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