Treating the Whole Person

Together we can create the environment necessary for the body to heal itself and achieve optimal health.


Patient Centered Care

It's all about YOU! Spending one-on-one time in an hour appointment allows me to customize your treatment plan.

Yellow Tea

Your Healthcare Team

If you have a specialist on board, I am happy to work in conjunction with them for the best possible care. 

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

The Naturopathic Principles

Mountain and River

Vis Medicatrix Naturae

The Healing Power of Nature!

Medicine Kit

Primum Non Nocere

First Do No Harm

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Tolle Totum

Treat the Whole Person.

Mind | Body | Spirit

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Tolle Causam

Find & Treat the Root Cause

Image by Helloquence


Doctor as Teacher

Kids Gardening


Prevention is the Best Cure

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